Friday, September 10, 2010

My First Destination Session...

I went away to Valemount, BC where my cousin lives. She is actually the one in the photo's. It was alot of fun, and we went to a few spots off the beaten path...It was a great weekend and we really enjoy there company, its a shame its 6 hours away...I hope you love your photos and look forward to seeing you soon...xo

DSC_0061 (1)
DSC_0058 (1)
DSC_0085 (1)
DSC_0067 (1)
DSC_0199 (1)
DSC_0334 (1)
DSC_0339 (1)
DSC_0347 (1)
DSC_0275 (1)
DSC_0284 (1)
DSC_0409 (1)

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