Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Domestic What?

Ok, So I am really trying to make an effort to cook better suppers... I'm good at breakfast and lunch, but not dinner... I am also pretty crafty and can Crotchet a pretty hip blanket...

Now that I am getting older I want to start doing things like preserve's and other traditional good's that my Nanny and Mom have always made over the years.. Last fall I made pickles and beets.. they were awesome and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed doing it.. so last week I made from scratch Perogies (my Nanny's recipe), I thought of her alot while I made them.. she would have been proud of me... I have always counted on my Mom to make these things for me but want to make it apart of my life with my family.. so I tried Jam as well and to my surprise I enjoyed that too and it turned out great.. Im learning and hoping that it will be something that my boys will see me make these things every year, and help me as they get older and have it as a memory, just like I do with my Nanny and my Mom...




I have been busy with clients, working at Starbucks, being a Mom, waiting for school to be finished, landscaping our yard... building a fence(ugh).. so as you can see Im busy... I have been dying to get out in the evening a practice with the sun.. Yesterday was the first day of summer and it was a beautiful day.. but today was better.. I hung out with my boys, painted some fence posts and my very best friend came over and we decided to go and have some fun and take some photos... she is beautiful and hip to the scene and I am ever so grateful for her... I can share my hopes and dreams for me and my family, and look forward to when she does the same.. thank you for being my friend and being you...



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dirt Angels....

We are currently landscaping and finishing the basic things we need to do to complete the outside of our home.... It has been frustrating, overwhelming, exhausting, stressful... but... it is going to be wonderful, and I know that... We are not the handiest people and have been getting help and pointers from the wonderful neighbors that we have aquired with our decision to move to Beaumont... My house is a disaster, suppers have not been that nutritious but when I look at these photos of the boys making dirt angels and gazing out to the other unfinished backyards, I know that this is worth it and that is memory that I want to keep....

as said by Oliver age 5 1/2..."Mommy, look at me, we're making dirt angels..."



Monday, June 6, 2011

To Cool...

Oliver and Sawyer are very interesting boys.. Im sure its just a boy thing that Im learning about as I learn about my boys.. who knows, all I know is that I try and let them be themselves as much as I can...