Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The drive to our new home.

We are building a home just south of the city. It is going to be a big adjustment for us, as my husband and I have lived in the west end of our city our whole live's.

We have been driving out to check out the progress at least once a week and to be honest, I really enjoy the the drive. I love the scenery and all the farms along the way. Here are some random shot's I took in the car on the way to check things out...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seeing the city and Meeting wonderful people at the same time.

This fall I have had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people and see parts of the city I really have not payed attention too.

Last Tuesday I met the L. Family. We started off at their beautiful home and went for a walk to see what we could find. They live fairly close to the tree's on 97th street and normally this time of year I am told that they are red as far as the eye can see. We have been having such beautiful weather that the leaves have been taking there sweet time. So what was meant to be a fall family shoot, looked very summer like. I had so many photo's to choose from so here are my favorite's.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Eye

So in case you all have not noticed, I like to snap photo's in between all the poses that we try to set up...I love the silly face's, smile's, look's of love. Some of the giggle's are probably from me shouting something funny or singing terrible to get the attention of almost all the kid's I get to photograph.

Sam and Issac kept there Mom and Dad busy but we had a great morning chasing them around the Museum Grounds. I am sure they thought it was a great adventure. It is beautiful down there and so much to look at. I always going back there in the fall as it is where I had my wedding photo's done...

Thank you to my friends for trusting me to take photo's of their family. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A baby Girl with a whole lot of Love...

I took photo's of a beautiful new little family. It is so nice when you show up to a session and the family (Mom) puts so much thought into there attire so that they look fabulous. We had a wonderful walk through their neighborhood and found some great spots to take some photo's. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture some family photo's for you...Enjoy..

For a good cause...

Back in May I donated a photo session to a silent auction for the Treasure Life Foundation. I was a little nervous, I was just starting to take photo's for families and was not sure what to expect but I knew it was for a cause that is very important to me...

I had the pleasure of meeting the Dube Family and I am very grateful that they to bid on my auction item. I was sooo excited. We finally connected to do the session, and it was cold, rainy, and windy but we went with it anyway and I think the photo's turned out great. The boys did an awesome job and even shot me a few poses...

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take your photo's and supporting the Treasure Life Foundation

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orin, 12 days old.

I had the pleasure of meeting baby Orin and taking some photo's of him. I took photo's of him when he was in the belly. Enjoy your sleepless night's, afternoon nap's. It's pretty amazing, I find that taking photo's of people's families and comparing all the shot's you really get to see who the children look like. It really is a miracle that two people can make a new little person. I think that Orin looks like both of his parent's. He looked a little different in all the photo's. Time will tell though.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More of the boy's!

I thought I would update some of the random photo's I have been taking of the boy's. They don't seem to get annoyed by it yet so I am just going to keep snapping. Oliver just love's Dinosaurs and he will flip through a book as though he is reading it(maybe he is secretly). I love these picture's of him, it makes him look so grown up, and for Sawyer, he sure is my little ham bone, he make's me laugh...anyways, there is one room in my parents house that we sit in every morning while I have my coffee and the morning sunlight is great and fun to play with.

Really do I need to buy toys? Nope!

So Sawyer got into a box of tissue's (full box) and before I could stop him, Oliver joined in and the two of them had a blast. I did what any good Mom would do and let them go with it and thought it would make for some good, fun photo's. Now our tissue's sit up high, but it was fun...