Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer!

My little Sawyer turned ONE on September 2nd. We celebrated on August 29th as my husbands parents made the trip to Edmonton. It was a beautiful day and we spent it outside in the back yard.

It was really great having almost everyone that we care about so much there. I did, or thought I did book a balloon twister to come and entertain the kids, but my mistake I did not follow up there fore she was a no show. Good thing I did not tell all the kids, it's amazing though because they all seemed happy enough to play in the sand, throw sand, tackle each other to the ground and make a complete mess of the back yard. Hey, free entertainment, it was great just to let them be kids.

It was a great day and I am overwhelmed at how fast the last year has flown by. Here are some pics from the Party.

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