Friday, October 16, 2009

260 weeks, 1825 days, 2,333,000 minutes.

So we could not have planned this any better. Our weather has been very unpredictable.. This evening was beautiful and we snapped some great shots.. I have had the pleasure of taking photo's of this little guy since he was brand new...and this time last year was when he was in the belly.. That was the day that I realized that I can do this, took my very first session and it was such a great feeling.

I picked up this book last year and the first page said, " Where will you be five years from today" I honestly did not know. I had my boys, my husband and not really a plan...I work part time at Starbucks, it get's me out of the house and allows me to be home with my boy's. But after taking photo's for this growing family, I knew...I am so excited to see where I will be in five years.

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