Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sometimes you have to be your own hero!

I had the privilege to photograph this stunning human... what she does for me is put a face to Breast Cancer and make is seem a little less scary... I was asked to take photos of her days before she had reconstructive surgery to document the start of the process for her new, beautiful breasts... It is very real, and she is very real... She has a pretty awesome husband, and two busy equally awesome kids all while being a HERO...and I have to mention her weaving... she has a wonderful network and weaves.. as most people we all have something to keep our minds off the things that drive us crazy, our stresses, our anxieties... she weaves... I have seen it in person.. it is beautiful.. to see and touch such beauty... I love it... thank you K, for letting me into your life.. I'm grateful...

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