Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Long time, no blog....

It has been way to long.. I had my beautiful little Crosby, and got the hang of 3 busy awesome boys... I have been so lucky and grateful to have the support of many friends and clients that still trusted me to capture moments for them while my life changed so much... I have heavily relied on Facebook as it is soooo easy to throw up a photo and send messages... Im so not handy with technology and trying to switch my domain for my website.. I cringe with the process and each and every email I have to send to get it back up.. bare with me... Here is a photo of all three boys from the summer... this year has flown by... NDP 2013


  1. You boys are beautiful! I just flicked through your photos and read all your old posts. It was awesome to watch your boys "shrink" into the little men of posts past. Your very talented ! -Jodie Workhoven

  2. Seriously, Tosh, The boys are beautiful. It's hard to believe how grown grown they are. It's been so long since I have talked to you but you were on my mind tonight as I was reading Jordan a story book to him that you gave him and I decided to google you to see some of your perfectly captured adventures.
    Much love,
    Erin G.