Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bodhi Fit

Meet Carol...

She is the owner of a wonderful little Yoga shop in Beaumont... I have had the pleasure to get to know her and her awesome little store...  I am not great at Yoga but know that is something that I need right now, with my busy life and all that is going on...  I have purchased thing here and there and love that it is so close to me.  Bodhi fit is also a yoga studio, yes you read right.. and it is so great.. I have been to a few classes with the intent of making it a priority.. it is not a huge chain but the atmosphere is just right..  I am really trying and learning to live with less and support local, I am so glad to know that when I go into her store to say hi, grab a little something for myself, or spread the word that is it for Carol and her little store that she created...  I want you all to check her out.. go to Bodhi fit and support local and see all the fabulous things she has in her store and better yet, come with me to Yoga...


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