Monday, November 7, 2011

A day to remember..

I did this session on October 8th 2011.. It was a beautiful morning.. the sun was shining and I was very lucky to be photographing this beautiful family... My Nanny's long battle with Alzheimer's came to an end while I did this session.. I received the call just as I was saying goodbye.. I was ok, took a deep breath and went and said goodbye to my Nanny...

As I edited these it crossed my mind that this hour was when she took her last breaths. I was a little overwhelmed but then thought of how proud she would of been of me and how this family took the time to preserve this day in their lives..

I enjoy taking photos for people, earning money while doing it is great but I see the bigger picture.. the memories, the people.. we change so much as we grow older and photographs help us keep these days real and alive...

Going to Utah this summer and having our photos done by someone that I admire was a great experience,and the fact that I the pictures makes it that much better. This is what I tell people when I suggest they have a photos with me.. make it an experience and not just a session... Thank you Patti for taking these photos for you..


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