Sunday, October 16, 2011

In honor of Nanny's, Grandma's, Baba's, Granny's...

I just cannot get enough of this family that I photographed.. we had a great time together and they were all pretty happy about having there Photos taken...

After being with my Nanny just after she passed away and still being able to feel the warmth of her body... I was standing there thinking to myself.. if it was not for this life of this woman, all of us standing around her thanking her for all the little things and life lessons she gave us, we would not be here...

We spend time with are families and forget were we come from and how we are connected... just from the life of someone my Nanny is gone but she leaves me with the contentness of her love, kindness, creativity... and so many things that I will learn from her life as I live mine...

Here is another Grandma and Mom that I am sure does the same thing for her family...


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  1. She is beautiful. The last one is my favourite. I like the family one two, it is like a family tree but with people instead of words.