Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everyone Deserves a Photo

While on my creative adventure on the weekend, we found ourselves in a not so nice part of our town while on our way to the dance studio as our final stop.. A lady that clearly called that area home and was friends with a man sitting on the corner having a few afternoon beers approached us... she was nice asked for a light...I told her that not one of the eight of us smoked... she was shocked, laughed as I told that Smoking is not cool, didnt you know... she then set herself up to be photographed... I indulged... why not, she is human, and was no harm.. she then asked if she could have a photos with her friend, she took it serious, sat on his lap and made sure to show me the patches on her jacket... I will develop this photo, and if any of us make our way down there again I hope to give it to them one day....


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