Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had the pleasure to take photos of a very old friends new baby Girl.... we were friends when we were 5, Olivers age... crazy.... We do not see each other often and when we do, its random and not planned...  It feels like no time has passed and we can pick up like its that we both have kids I hope that they may be friends like when we were little,  Enjoy Renee... 3 weeks old...


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  1. Oh my, that last photo takes my breath away. I'm already lamenting and missing the new born stage and my sweet baby is only 4 months old (today!) I'm so glad we live at a time when pictures are possible. You capture so much of the awe that could never have been possible 100 years ago. Sometimes I wish that I lived at a simpler time, but not when it comes to preserving memories.