Saturday, October 2, 2010

We knew he was there....

How do you live your life when you lose someone you love? This is how... This is one of my very best friends and proud to say it. She lost her son 4 years ago at the age of 7, he had a congenital heart condition from birth and had a stroke while waiting for a heart...

I have silently learned many lessons from Evan passing and my friend living...and still being a awesome Mommy and a role model... and my friend.. its funny because I will call her crying about something and then it hits me...I really should not cry about something that I wont even think about the next week...

When you lose someone, do you really want family photo's? Probably not, your whole family is not there, but your alive and should be making new memories and remembering the old...

It was a ridiculously windy day and I was talking to Evan all day trying to convince him to stop it, so he was with us from the start...We knew we wanted to include him but how? It was wonderful to see all of Shauna's children with her on this Friday evening and to me the key is to always remember and we did.. but we also used a photo of him so we could see it visually as well as emotionally... wow, it sure was great to look at them all at the same time and laugh and compare features.

Evan would have been 11 ( he is 5 in this photo) Marcus is 6, and Chloe is 2.. This is why I love what I do and I feel I got all the emotion of the evening and sure am glad it was for my friend... makes it even better... I love you very much and hope you enjoy your new complete family portrait...



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  1. I really got emotional looking at these, what a beautiful way of capturing the essence.

  2. Wow - first off, so sorry to hear about both your losses - my heart goes out to Shauna. I absolutely love the one with them by the tree with the sun shining through...

  3. beautiful Tosh- only wish I could of been there!

  4. I don't know why I looked at this site tonight (my friend mentioned your photography quite a while ago). I don't know why I clicked on this particular entry.

    My son Evan died almost 2 and a half years ago. He was 5 weeks old.

    I look at your friend's eyes and see how much she has been through and also how far she has come. I hope I am there someday. Her son Evan was beautiful.