Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first contest...

Ok, so I want all of you to make a comment or send me a message on where you would like to have your picture taken.  It can be family, solo, just kids, birthday party, etc...  I will choose the winner and the location that I like best.  You will receive a FREE session.  So pass this along to who ever you know and dont forget to let me know if there is a special place that has caught your eye... comment on here or send me and email..


  1. There is an old garage not far from my house, evertime I walk past it I think that it would make a great background for a family or kid photo. I also love my neighbourhood, so it too would make a lovely backdrop. Recently I passed by the back of a building that has a metal staircase, that also would make a fantastic setting for some family photos. So as you can see I can not choose one location, for two reasons; I think there are too many beautiful places in the city and because i have not yet had photos done other than Sears, so I have to still find that "perfect spot".
    On a side note, a dream would be to have photos taken standing in the middle of the road on the high level bridge at one end and the whole rest bridge in the back...just a thought though!
    Leah Yee :)
    (thanks for letting me share)

  2. Hi. I don't know if your contest is still open, but I'll give it a try. I live in St. Albert and there are a few nice places for backdrops that I love. One is the old railway bridge over the river and the other are the grain elevators. There is also a walking path that has some great old, bent trees that you can sit on. I am in need of some new family photos as we had an addition to our in 2008 and still have our old family of four up on the wall. Thanks.

    Jan Liron