Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If I could sing, it would SNOW....

I was given the opportunity to take photo's for my friend who is a dance teacher.  She had a vision for her dance piece that she choreographed to have photo's of her dancer's dancing in the snow projected on the wall behind the performance...  So on a cold but beautiful Sunday afternoon when the sun decided to peep through the clouds I got these shots.  I did not know what to expect or what the photo's would look like but I think that they turned out beautiful and what a great feeling.  I have chosen not to limit myself with what type of photo's I take and still have so much to learn.

I love that I have realized that this is for me.  I went to the performance and had a smile on my face from ear to ear and even though it was a small detail to the show having my name in the program for the photo's was awesome.... I am very proud of myself... so thank you Jodie and I hope that my photo's are included in your vision again one day..

I hope you enjoy the photo's....

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