Monday, February 8, 2010

A Bittersweet Day...

December was a very important month for the Foundation.  Like I said in the title it was a bittersweet day..  We all would have taken Evan's company over this day but in his honour and memory we did our first cheque presentation to help with the cause that has become so dear to my heart...  so on that morning Rick Jenkins and Shauna Jenkins presented a $30,000 check to Dr. Yashu Coe. Pediatric Cardiologist at the Stollery Hospital, Edmonton Alberta Cananda.  The presentation was done at the ultra modern catheterization lab in the Mazankowski Heart Institute on Dec. 4, 2009.  Dr. Coe works very closely with with pediatric and heart transplant patients at the Stollery and is world renowned for his work in the catheterization field. Funds are to be utilized for medical and research equipment, educational books and patient support.

As a special Christmas surprise and to help keep the Cardiac Kids busy during their stay at the Stollery, we also purchased $1,500 worth of Nintendo DS and Playstation portables along with over 15 games. These will be utilized on the ward as well as the outpatient clinic.
Some of the kids waiting for heart transplant can be in hospital over a year so we know these will be well utilized!   

Along with taking photo's of my boy's, families, couples, and everything else that crosses path's with my camera I have committed to taking photo's for the Treasure Life Foundation and it was my pleasure to be there that wintery morning and I thank you for including me and my family as we honour Evan.  xo

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