Friday, May 1, 2009


I have to say I have not used that saying in years but this week has been a long one for me. I cant wait for it to be over... My husband was away for work, and everything combined this just was not my week..

I did a little shoot on Tuesday morning. It was really bright out and I was trying to get the light right for most of the shoot... I snapped some good shots but struggled, practice makes perfect so cant wait for the next one.. I think I prefer to do evening shoots... The light is so much nicer.

I have another class tomorrow morning and think this week it is on the subject's we shoot, looking forward to it. It's amazing how every person has their own style. I enjoy outside more than in, I have some seamless paper but part of me does not like it and part of me does... Ill figure it out. With everyday is seems to get greener and warmer outside...really looking forward to do more outside.

Here is a couple of shots from Tuesday, these 2 little boys are the same age as mine. We met Jodie and Levi 3 years ago from a new mom's network... When you have kids you find all kinds of friends. You think the circle you have before is good, but they don't want to you talk about your kids all the time so it's nice to have Jodie and everyone else I've met along the way...

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