Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Dogs and Marshmallow's in the city!

Well the long weekend is here and we are not going away... We went over to my Mom's house and had a bonfire. Good old hot dogs on a stick, cut from the apple tree and then some sticky gooey marshmallow's. Oliver had alot of fun, he sure does love Gamma's house (that's what we call her).

I sure do love shooting outside, as does everyone I'm sure but I thought tonight I would post Oliver and his Gamma this time...He is a ham bone and does not mind his picture taken for now. That could change. I make it interesting for him and let him see the photo's I take..

My husband and I are going to do stuff around the house...I figure the May long weekend was put in place for people to go away and forget about housework or stay home and work on the outside of your home...The weather is supposed to be ok tomorrow so finger's crossed because it has been brutal this year.

I have been having some fun with the camera and the setting's and have a few engagement session's coming up... I can't wait...we are also going on a short vacation so I am sure to post pics of that as well...

Have a good weekend everyone!

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