Monday, April 27, 2009

Four boy's one loud playdate....

Today I took my boys to our friend's house to hang out, take pictures and have dinner... well we had a great time and a whole lot of commotion. It looked beautiful outside but it was freezing, then the sun was shining too much for pictures and so we all went inside tried it out some more and then the boys were just all hyper and running around. Summer could not get here faster.

My friend Jennifer is a scrapbook er and wanted some new picture's to work with. I snapped a few good one's and can't wait to see them all done. I would like to try a project for myself..

So I set up a student/pro/camera club account to have my picture's developed. I am quite excited about it and sent my first order in tonight. I can't wait to see the quality that it will be. Anyways here are a few pic's from today, and I will be doing some more tomorrow....see you then.

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